Find Why Nepal Is The Paradise For Adventure Seekers

The very first thing that comes into everyone’s mind while thinking of an outdoor adventure in Nepal is Trekking, but did anyone care to give a thought about the other growing adventure sports in this tiny little Himalayan nation?

The whole world knows Nepal as a tiny little Himalayan nation that is rich in its own history, culture, tradition and natural beauty. The words “Heaven is Myth Nepal is Real” surely will be echoed on anyone’s mind when they discover the true Nepal. No wonder why each year thousands and thousands of tourist visit this tiny little country for vacations and holidays.Tourism Industry is one of the main source of income for most of the people in Nepal. And with the organizations like TAAN and NTB working their ass off in the development of Tourism sector in Nepal, the future of Tourism in Nepal sure looks secure.

Nepal because of its geographical diversity is one of the top destination for the adventure seekers. For adventurers while they are in Nepal possibilities are endless. And here in this section I’ll be listing the top three things that can be done in Nepal that are quite nerve-jangling and goosebumping enough to give you wild experience for a lifetime while you are in Nepal.

White Water Rafting In Nepal

Nepal can be one of the top destination for the water enthusiast since there are good options of white rivers which comes flowing down the foothills directly from the mightiest heights of the Himalayas. With rivers that are calm to wild which are nourished by the monsoon rain and off-course the melting snow, Nepal is sure one of the top destination for the white water rafting.

Currently there are rivers like Bhote Koshi, Seti, Trishuli, Sun Koshi, Tamur, Arun, Marshyangdi, etc where white water rafting can be carried out in Nepal.

Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is also gaining quite a lot popularity among the locals and the foreigners. At present, there is the option for Bungee Jumping in the Bhote Koshi river area which is approximately 100 km northeast of the capital Kathmmandu. This place is near the Tibetan border and takes like three hours of drive from Kathmandu. Bungee Jumping is carried out on a bridge which is 166 metres wide steel supension bridge 160 metres above from the Bhote Koshi river.

The nerve tingling experience of 160 metres above drop directly onto the Bhote Koshi river is one of the longest fall in the Bungee Jumping in the whole south Asia.

Mountain Biking In Nepal

Not so long ago, biking was all about riding bicycles together with friends or someone familiar exploring the known trail of Kathmandu valley and outskirts. But at present it has evolved from that. Local people as well as foreigners are very keen in biking especially the mountain biking. Mountain biking ups and downs of the mountainous terrain has its own feel which cannot be compare to a regular bicycle riding. There are countless ancient tracks which no one can imagine are of how many kilometers waiting to be be discovered in Nepal for mountain biking. For days to weeks mountain biking adventure is all about camping and riding in the wild, sometimes rejuvenating with the sip of tea in small tea houses and staying in the local lodges.

At present, lower Everest regions and the Mustang areas are among the top options for mountain biking in Nepal.

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