India Tour From Nepal with Zed Travels

Welcome to a soulful experience of vacationing in India, the cradle
of ancient civilization with rich cultural heritage. India Tour From NepalExperience the sights and sounds of its amazing diversity that is embedded in its geography, people and their cultures. Explore the gifts of nature and the timeless marks of man-kind that dot the landscape of this country. Cool hill stations, wildlife, adventure spots and beaches provide one of the best vacations that you would have anywhere in the world. Priceless treasures of ancient civilization in the form of ruins and excavations, the tall standing structures of the medieval times reflecting the splendor, art and architecture of times gone by and the achievements of modern India, all beckon you to explore them further and satisfy your curiosity. Notice the changes in elements of culture of its regions such as the folklore, music, dance forms, colorful dress and decoration forms, languages, dialects as well as foods and drinks as you crisscross the length and breadth of the country.

Zed Travels takes you to this amazing learning, rejuvenating and joyous journey through its varied tour packages. Choose which one is perfect for you. We ensure you’ll have the holidays of your lifetime.