Nepal is a tourist destination with endless possibilities. There are many more interesting things and activities that can be carried out over here. Also there are many more interesting things that can be visited. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Nepal then let us warn you, Nepal may appear to be tiny little country but the things which you can do over here is many. Options are so more that your holiday can be a short period to travel all over Nepal.This is where Zed Travels role comes into play. We have our Heli Tour Nepal packages which is especially designed for the people who have minimum amount of time to stay in Nepal but want to explore all beautiful and interesting places of Nepal. Not only that the other advantage of this Heli Tour Nepal is that these tours are very helpful for the ones who are unable to trek and travel for a longer period of time.

Our Heli Tour in Nepal packages are designed to shorten the duration of travel and trek so that maximum amount of time can be spend on exploring the true beauty of Nepal. There are some places in Nepal which are very difficult to reach by bus, trek and travel due to the difficult mountainous geography but with our Heli Tour in Nepal plans and packages we can counter these problems with ease.

Some people may put forward the view like Heli Tours only saves time nothing else. Some may also think that these Heli Tours are for the people who are willing to spend their money or something like that. But what we think is that they are all wrong. For example, the view while trekking a mountain and the view of the mountain from the Heli Tour both are different. The views and experience, the excitement that is gained from heli tour is completely different from the one that is gained from trekking a mountain. They both have their values and neither one exceeds others.

Zed Travels put forwards you all with the perfect opportunity to experience the aerial sight of the breathtaking Himalayas and many other interesting places in a comfortable Helicopter. We can easily customize and modify the Heli Tours according to your requirements. Zed Travels has team who are familiar with the things like what it takes  to make your holiday a pleasurable and memorable moment of your life.